These days, popular talk about “small-town America in decline” is everywhere. But just like one of Edgar Allen Poe’s characters, sometimes it pays to “Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear”

When it comes to celebrating America, we can tell you that from El Cajon, to Perris and back to Julian, Main Street still loves a Parade.

Because in this country, real folk don’t need to spend too much time over-analyzing why Red White and Blue just goes right along with Brass Bands and Fireworks.

We get it.

And nothing says “Hella Noisy” like a flight of planes in formation laying down Smoke the length of Main Street in your home town.

Americana- that’s what we do.

So, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, the Fourth or Mother Goose Parade, give us a call and just say ‘Flyover’

We’ll be on it like a Pilgrim on a drumstick.

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