VF211 Tomcat Pilot Laid to Rest at MCAS Miramar National Cemetery

San Diego Salute is proud to have been a part of the memorial for a local Veteran aviator's passing, observed at Miramar National Cemetery this week . Here the bugler's last notes are fading, he lowers his instrument to take the salute precisely as the Missing Man flight approaches the congregation. No longer trailing smoke like its comrades, one aircraft gradually separates itself from the flight, rising gradually up and to the West. With his departure, the others fly on, preserving the empty space he recently occupied in the formation.

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Take a Ride with Todd Bohlman over the 2019 La Jolla Concours D’Elegance Car Show

Todd Bohlman and five other aircraft taking off from Gillespie Field in El Cajon for some passes over the 2019 La Jolla Concours D'Elegance Car Show. Join Todd on this 34 minute flight from take off to landing. John Flippen-Lead. Mike Reirdon-2, Ryan Salahi & Curtiss Stinis -3, John Warwick -4, Terry Brennan -5, Todd Bohlman -6

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San Diego Salute Captured at Sweetwater Valley Little League Opener

Found this post of San Diego Salute's flyover at the Sweetwater Valley Little League opener on March 9th on Instagram. Thanks to fan Launey LeSage for capturing the shots and posting. We had an early morning brief at 0700 for a Time over Target of 0815. We left KSEE (Gillespie Field Airport) and headed south to the holding point over Chula Vista and made an on time arrival for the Color Guard and National Anthem. Good Luck to all those future pilots and future MLB players.. Flipper/Schwaby Paul/Banger Jeff Snap Pickle  

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Wedding in the Spring

If you just survived San Diego's record rains of February 2019, you'll be looking for some sunshine. And if you've lived here a while, you'll know that from Borrego to North County, one thing we can expect this year will be some amazing wildflowers. That time of year, in fact, when nature starts thinking about the thing that it does so well. Wedding planners know all about it. And so does San Diego Salute. Whether military or private, a Wedding with a ceremonial flyover will be an event to remember forever. Timed at just the right moment, it's the crescendo of feeling and emotion that the couple and their guests will be unable to ignore, or forget. The symbolism is wherever you find it. Is it a thundering image that [...]

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These days, popular talk about "small-town America in decline” is everywhere. But just like one of Edgar Allen Poe’s characters, sometimes it pays to “Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear” When it comes to celebrating America, we can tell you that from El Cajon, to Perris and back to Julian, Main Street still loves a Parade. Because in this country, real folk don’t need to spend too much time over-analyzing why Red White and Blue just goes right along with Brass Bands and Fireworks. We get it. And nothing says “Hella Noisy” like a flight of planes in formation laying down Smoke the length of Main Street in your home town. Americana- that’s what we do. So, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, the Fourth or [...]

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Getting Attention 101

Amid the thronging car enthusiasts at the Concours d'Elegance at La Jolla, each year, only one thing turns those fascinated heads away from the Maserati, Porsche and Duesenberg Hood Ornaments, up to the sky. It's the sound and fury of airborne military engines entering the Cove, that can mean one - and only one thing. Flypast ! We're not sure why they love us - is it the unexpected?, the roar of mechanical fury tamed, the unwavering flight precision or the eardrum-tearing excitement as the formation curves gracefully overhead with Smoke on? Probably each pair of upturned sunglasses would give you a different reason - we just know they do love us. And we'll be back again this year. Is there a chance that people at your event or gathering [...]

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San Diego Salute Pilots Head to Palm Springs

Each January the Palm Springs Air Museum hosts the T-34 Pilots and their Planes. This year was fantastic with 18 planes on the ramp of the museum. We all started arriving Friday and the last of us pulled into the gates Saturday morning around 0800. Friday night the Museum puts out a great spread of food to welcome us. We stay at the hanger meeting new people and getting reacquainted with old friends. 2019 was the 20th year that we were able to meet in the desert. Out of all of the pilots that attended, there was only one in attendance who has made it to all 20, George Watson. Saturday morning starts of with an early van ride from the resort down town to the museum were we start [...]

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San Diego Union Tribune Reports on Memorial Day Ceremony with Flyover

San Diego Salute performed a 'Missing Man flyover to conclude the Memorial Day ceremony at the Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial. The life of Marine Lt. Nathan Krissoff, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq, and his father were the focus of this year's ceremony. San Diego 6 morning news anchor Marc Bailey was master of ceremonies. The full UT story and link to a video of the flyover can be seen at the link below.

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