Wedding in the Spring

If you just survived San Diego's record rains of February 2019, you'll be looking for some sunshine. And if you've lived here a while, you'll know that from Borrego to North County, one thing we can expect this year will be some amazing wildflowers. That time of year, in fact, when nature starts thinking about the thing that it does so well. Wedding planners know all about it. And so does San Diego Salute. Whether military or private, a Wedding with a ceremonial flyover will be an event to remember forever. Timed at just the right moment, it's the crescendo [...]

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These days, popular talk about "small-town America in decline” is everywhere. But just like one of Edgar Allen Poe’s characters, sometimes it pays to “Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear” When it comes to celebrating America, we can tell you that from El Cajon, to Perris and back to Julian, Main Street still loves a Parade. Because in this country, real folk don’t need to spend too much time over-analyzing why Red White and Blue just goes right along with Brass Bands and Fireworks. We get it. And nothing says “Hella Noisy” like a [...]

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Getting Attention 101

Amid the thronging car enthusiasts at the Concours d'Elegance at La Jolla, each year, only one thing turns those fascinated heads away from the Maserati, Porsche and Duesenberg Hood Ornaments, up to the sky. It's the sound and fury of airborne military engines entering the Cove, that can mean one - and only one thing. Flypast ! We're not sure why they love us - is it the unexpected?, the roar of mechanical fury tamed, the unwavering flight precision or the eardrum-tearing excitement as the formation curves gracefully overhead with Smoke on? Probably each pair of upturned sunglasses would give [...]

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