Amid the thronging car enthusiasts at the Concours d’Elegance at La Jolla, each year, only one thing turns those fascinated heads away from the Maserati, Porsche and Duesenberg Hood Ornaments, up to the sky.

It’s the sound and fury of airborne military engines entering the Cove, that can mean one – and only one thing.

Flypast !

We’re not sure why they love us – is it the unexpected?, the roar of mechanical fury tamed, the unwavering flight precision or the eardrum-tearing excitement as the formation curves gracefully overhead with Smoke on?

Probably each pair of upturned sunglasses would give you a different reason – we just know they do love us. And we’ll be back again this year.

Is there a chance that people at your event or gathering or might stop and look to the sky too?

Because this is how memories are made.

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