San Diego Salute is a precision formation flying team that provides flyovers for a multitude of events throughout the year in Southern California including memorials, weddings, fundraisers, sporting events and many others. The purpose of San Diego Salute at these events is to provide a highlight to the events and make them more memorable and meaningful for the participants. Many of the events are public and the team helps to promote those events to attract the appropriate crowds for the events.

As part of our public outreach, we offer empty seats in our formation flights to relevant press as a way to showcase the events and San Diego Salute. If, as part of the local press corps, you would like to inquire about San Diego Salute, our role in any of our public events or to see about available seats in an upcoming flight, please fill out the contact form using “Press” as the subject and someone will respond to you quickly.


Information Flyer