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Thank you for submitting a Booking form for a flyover from the San Diego Salute Formation Flying Team. On this page you’ll calculate the price and set up payment for your event. You’ll select the Zone that your event falls in and select the Quantity for the number of planes you are requesting for your event.

Zone is determined by the distance in miles your event is from Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport as shown when the address is entered here –  Google Maps.

Before Checkout, if you are planning an ‘On Call’ flyover, you must add a Grounds Person to your cart as well. After your Formation Flyover is added to your cart, select this link to add a Grounds Person. Use the same Zone used for the Formation Flyover

Add Grounds Person

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Flights are conducted in accordance with FAA regulations, typically overflying the service or memorial at 1000 feet above ground level. This is high enough to provide a safe environment but low enough for the formation to be easily seen and heard.


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Zone 1 – Less than 20 miles, Zone 2 – 20 miles to less than 30, Zone 3 – 30 miles to less than 50, Zone 4 – 50 miles to less than 100, Zone 5 – 100 miles to less than 250


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