If you just survived San Diego’s record rains of February 2019, you’ll be looking for some sunshine.

And if you’ve lived here a while, you’ll know that from Borrego to North County, one thing we can expect this year will be some amazing wildflowers.

That time of year, in fact, when nature starts thinking about the thing that it does so well. Wedding planners know all about it.

And so does San Diego Salute.

Whether military or private, a Wedding with a ceremonial flyover will be an event to remember forever. Timed at just the right moment, it’s the crescendo of feeling and emotion that the couple and their guests will be unable to ignore, or forget.

The symbolism is wherever you find it.

Is it a thundering image that heightens the power and emotion of the moment? Soaring hopes for the future in those high arcing smoke trails above the congregation, or a simple promise made forever, drawn in the sky ?

Let us take your event to the next level.

Talk to us today so you and your guests can be talking about this special day for the rest of your lives.

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