Who We Are

Formed in 2002 by Terry Brennan, our team is made up of SoCal based pilots flying Western and Eastern-Block single-engine propeller-driven former military aircraft. Terry brought his passion for precision flight from the northwest to San Diego and started flying regularly with four other members including Jim Ostrich, Larry Bierma, and joint owners John Flippen and Don Ramm.

We provide patriotic formation flyovers for a multitude of events. While some events like funeral services or memorials are booked to help capture the patriotism of those honored, others like weddings, sporting events, fundraisers and holidays celebrate the majesty of the day.

Flights are conducted in accordance with FAA regulations, typically overflying the service or memorial at 1000 feet above ground level. This is high enough to provide a safe environment but low enough for the formation to be easily seen and heard.

A conventional Memorial/Missing Man Formation Flyover will consist of 4 aircraft, but larger formations of eight or more are possible and can be suited to any particular event.

The formation skills used to conduct these flights are developed in accordance with the Formation And Safety Team (FAST), a global group of civilian organizations, primarily the T-34 Association (www.t-34.com) and the Red Star Pilots Association (www.flyredstar.org). The following images of the main formations used in Memorial Flight / Missing Man flights are from the Red Star Pilot’s Association Formation Manual.

Our Mission

The mission of  San Diego Salute is to provide audiences the exciting experience of vintage aircraft, featuring the noise, lights and smoke in the air, that they can see, hear and feel, that pulls at a person’s soul and expands on the event they are attending and makes it unforgettable. San Diego Salute does this by providing precision formation flyovers at special events including parades, celebratory occasions, airshows, weddings, fundraisers and military veteran funerals, which feature the time honored Missing Man formation. Our pilots train rigorously to achieve the precision required to fly in formation and thrive on the honor of sharing their skills with the audiences of southern California.

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